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March 14, 2023

SE5: Ep 7 How to release weight and get your energy soaring in perimenopause

SE5: Ep 7 How to release weight and get your energy soaring in perimenopause

Don't you love it when you meet someone whose energy lifts you? Meet this week's guest Bria Gadd

Bria Gadd is a personal trainer and holistic health coach who specializes in female hormones. She is the founder of The Period Whisperer Podcast and the P4 formula, helping women with weight release and energy gain in pre and post-menopause.

Her superpower is teaching women to finally hear what their body is truly saying to them in perimenopause and menopause to finally feel like themselves again.

The 3 things I hope you take away from this podcast episode are:

  1. - Why we need to start thinking about perimenopause at 35
  2. - How to begin to rebalance your own hormones
  3. - How to hear what your body is saying so you never lose yourself again

In our conversation Bria and talk about

  • Why are so many women suffering in perimenopause these days?
  • What is hormonal chaos?
  • How do you begin to heal yourself?
  • How Bria's P4 formula can help women drop weight and feel their energy soar

Connect with Bria on Instagram and on her website https://www.briatheperiodwhisperer.com/

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